What do Families say about our

5 star enrichment programs

-She loves both of her classes, Art with Karen Sochar and Cheer. She enjoys learning and being with her friends.

-My daughter has loved the cheerleading class - she has learned a lot and the teachers have been great!

-I've liked the selection of classes.  My son has really enjoyed tennis.

-My son loves his Lego Engineering class!

-She loooooooves Lego Engineering

-My son loved Tennis and Legos.

-My daughter takes the Lego class and just loves it. She is so excited every Monday.

-Enjoyed seeing her excited about going to her class. Have also enjoyed the fruits of her labor.

-Affordable, convenient, fun.

-My son really enjoyed his flag football. The instructor was very kind and he had a lot of fun

-The kids always seem happy when I pick them up; they're eager to tell me what they've done.

-The variety of classes offered

-My son loves his Martial Arts Instructor

-My daughter LOVES the cheerleading class. She has been participating since kindergarten and wants to continue. I find it valuable for her because it provides good aerobic exercise, and helps her develop coordination and motor skills, as well as social skills. The teachers are wonderful. We look forward to the performance at every term.

-He is taking piano and loves it. I think it's because Earl is really great with the kids

I would like to tell you how much Rylan enjoyed Coach Harold's (KinderSports) classes! I was at every class to watch my son. Coach Harold is not only knowledgeable but also so patient and fun for the children.   I just wanted you to know how much of an asset Coach Harold is to your program.

5 Star Sports focuses on skills and strategy in his classes. Our friends whose children participate in leagues, such as AYSO, have said they prefer your Coach because their kids "just run around" in the other leagues rather than developing skills.  He is devoted to his kids and treats them like real athletes. I highly recommend the 5 Star Sports program.

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